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This New Year, help employees measure health goal progress

January 9, 2023

Most employees generally understand what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Maybe they go for daily walks, stick to the Mediterranean diet, or are in a smoking cessation program. But how do they know if these steps are actually leading to improved health? 

All of the lifestyle choices we make have an impact on our key health metrics: blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, heart rate and more. One of the best ways to check these measures of health is through screenings. 

Unfortunately, health screenings can be cumbersome and slow for both employers and employees. They might require setting up appointments with your doctor, coordinating on-site screenings, or waiting for hours at the lab. All of this requires a flexible schedule and a lot of planning and time. 

Therefore, it’s unsurprising that nearly 60% of Americans did not receive a wellness checkup last year.

That’s why at-home screenings are rapidly increasing in popularity as an alternative to in-person options like a clinic, pharmacy or lab.

By offering employees at-home options, you can remove common barriers to engagement and offer accessible and equitable benefits to all of your employees, whether they are remote or in office. And there’s no time like the New Year to help employees get a baseline understanding of their health that they can measure and track over time.

Build a data-based wellness program this New Year:

Offer an at-home wellness screening at the beginning of the year to help employees set actionable health goals

There are a lot of screening solutions on the market, but Reperio is the only comprehensive, at-home health screening with instant results and 24/7 customer care. Here’s how it works:

1. You provide us with a list of employee emails, and we'll handle the rest, from shipping to email communications.

2. A Reperio kit is shipped directly to an employee’s home. The kit includes everything an employee needs to complete the screening, including a cholesterol and blood sugar medical device, blood pressure cuff and more. The screening kit connects with an accompanying app that guides employees through the process step-by-step.

3. Employees will then complete a 30-minute screening, which is self-guided via an app so they can complete it whenever convenient for them. 

4. As soon as the screening is done, results are available immediately in the app, along with a detailed explanation of what they mean. The Reperio kit meets the biometric criteria of the American Heart Association’s screening guidelines because it measures key indicators of chronic disease, including:

5. After receiving their results, the employee selects a return method (free UPS pickup or drop off) in the Reperio app. 

Send an email reminding employees of current benefits

In addition to health screenings, remind employees of what benefits they currently have through your in-house wellness program or their insurance provider. For example, employees can be unaware that many insurance programs offer discounted gym memberships among other perks. Sending an email with links on how to access these benefits can encourage participation.

Distribute an employee preference survey

Along with a reminder of benefits, creating a short survey to see which benefits employees are interested in adding can help you create a program that’s focused on what your workforce actually wants. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness programs so using both employee feedback and results from a screening program can help use data to guide your decision making.

Measure progress on an annual or biannual basis

In order for employees to know whether or not the benefits they’re using are actually working for them, consider offering screenings on a regular basis. The Reperio app, specifically, shows results over time so that it’s easy to see where you’ve improved.

January is a great time for both employers and employees to inventory their health needs and build realistic goals for the upcoming year. By encouraging employees to screen for common risk factors and “know their numbers,” employers can play a key role in raising health awareness among their workforce and empowering them to make healthy decisions that work for their unique circumstances.

Employee wellness starts here.

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