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We aspire to empower every individual on the planet to attain their best health through data, simplicity and discovery.

Good health can be easy to take for granted when you’re feeling well. But aging, or even a common cold, provide valuable reminders of just how often we take our health for granted. 


At Reperio our goal is to remove barriers and enable more individuals to proactively monitor their health. We streamline the process through delivery of our cutting-edge health sensors directly to the individual, enabling them to assess their key biometrics. These health metrics help guide next steps, in consultation with healthcare professionals, empowering individuals to manage their health proactively and achieve their best health.

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Travis Rush

Travis Rush

CEO & Co-Founder 

As a serial entrepreneur, Travis draws inspiration from everyday problems. He found frustration in his own experience as a patient and began considering the ways in which healthcare is limited by cost, convenience and overall access.

Matt Wallington

Matt Wallington

CTO & Co-Founder

With 20+ years of experience co-founding startups and building products at Amazon and Intel, Matt knows firsthand how a busy life can lead to delayed health care. He's thrilled to help others obtain the data that motivates change, just as it did for him.