Discover your path

to better health.

A new way to monitor your health

Health has a renewed focus in our lives today. Access to care, underlying conditions and health risks have more significance than ever. Good health is not just for the young, the fit, or the perfectionist - we all desire long and healthy lives. Reperio provides the access, data and insights to discover your personal path to better health.


biometric screening

Our kit of FDA approved sensors provides a complete overview of your current health

Identify and address health conditions

Health indicators that best assess health and potential risks as defined by doctors

10 key health


Early detection is the best approach to intervene before conditions become chronic


and privacy

You’re in control to choose the timing and location that is most comfortable for you

2.8 American adults
are newly diagnosed with diabetes
every minute.

Reperio provides immediate results

The Reperio kit pairs with our smartphone app to guide you through your biometric screening, providing a solid understanding of your health in under an hour. Learn what your individual results mean for you, and receive customized health tips for changes that can improve your health over time.

Ships directly to you

Our kit ships directly to your home or office, your convenience is our obsession.

On your time

No coordinating schedules. No waiting rooms. Your calendar wins every time.

Immediate results

No need to mail samples or wait for lab processing, Reperio provides results on the spot.

Reperio doctors

Have questions about your results? No worries, we have doctors available to consult with you.

Easy pickup

Return your kit at any UPS store or request a pickup directly through the Reperio app.

Suggestions & Goals

Receive customized tips for lifestyle modifications and set goals to track your progress.

Live healthier

Establish healthy habits and see how small changes can add up quickly to improve your health.


Biometric Indicators


Blood pressure is a key indicator for the health of your heart and risk for chronic conditions.

Heart Rate

Resting heart rate provides insight into the heart’s efficiency and cardiovascular fitness.


Cholesterol is a part of your lipid panel, which is important in keeping your heart healthy. 

Fasting Blood

Glucose is a measure of the sugar carried in the blood to supply energy to the body.

Weight &
Body Fat

Maintaining a healthy weight and body fat is a key preventative measure for overall health.

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Reperio provides health screening for the intent of wellness monitoring and informational use. Reperio's health screening is not intended for use in diagnosing diseases or conditions. This test or related information does not constitute medical advice, is not a substitute for visits to a healthcare professional, and should not be used to determine any new or modified treatments or medical interventions. You should consult with a healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns about your results or your current state of health.

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