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A new way to monitor your health

Health has a renewed focus in our lives today. Access to care, underlying conditions and health risks have more significance than ever. Good health is not just for the young, the fit, or the perfectionist - we all desire long and healthy lives. Reperio provides the access, data and insights to discover your personal path to better health.

Reperio Health comprehensive biometric screening


biometric screening

Our kit of FDA cleared sensors provides a thorough assessment of your current health

Reperio Health identify and address health conditions

Identify and address health risks

Health indicators that best assess health and potential risks as defined by doctors

Reperio Health 10 key health indicators

10 key health


Early identification is the best  intervention before risks become chronic conditions

Reperio Health convenience and privacy


and privacy

You’re in control to choose the timing and location that is most comfortable for you

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2.8 American adults
are newly diagnosed with diabetes
every minute.

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Reperio provides immediate results

The Reperio kit pairs with our smartphone app to guide you through your biometric screening, providing a solid understanding of your health in under an hour. Learn what your individual results mean for you, and receive customized health tips for changes that can improve your health over time.

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Ships directly to you

Our kit ships directly to your home or office, your convenience is our obsession.

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