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Choosing the right biometric screening partner for your hybrid team

July 25, 2023

At the Society for HR Management (SHRM) National Conference, we heard from many HR managers about their Return to Office policies. Some organizations have fully returned to the physical office, others are maintaining their fully remote status, and many are mixing things up with a more hybrid approach. 

These changing models have directly impacted the way HR managers approach their biometric screenings and wellness programs. Said one HR manager on the SHRM show floor, “We used to do onsite biometric screenings before COVID. I’ll admit, we haven’t reassessed how we’re going to tackle these screenings now that we’re back in the office. Most employees still want to do it onsite, but we’ve got others spread around the country now, too. It’s a huge obstacle to overcome, and I don’t even want to think about it.” 

The good news for this HR manager—and others—is that there are wellness services that meet the needs of both remote and in-office teams. Reperio, for example, offers a blend of onsite and at-home options for employees. 

Here are five questions to ask yourself when evaluating biometric screening partner options for your hybrid team:

1. Does this biometric screening partner offer flexible location options?

There’s no one-size-fits-all for Wellness Programs. That’s true for biometric screenings, too. To get maximum participation, employers need to take stock of their employee preferences and adopt flexible benefits that don’t prioritize one work setting over another. When evaluating a screening partner, it’s important to consider whether or not the partner offers both in-person and at-home screening options so that every member of your team is included.

2. Are screening options offered through this partner accessible?

At-home biometric screening options like the one offered by Reperio remove barriers to screening participation by addressing issues like access to reliable transportation, childcare and more. But for some employees, having onsite facilitators lead them through the biometric screening process provides better accommodations. Be sure to ask your biometric screening partner what sorts of accommodations and accessibility measures they offer before you commit to a partnership. 

3. How quickly will my employees receive their screening results?

For many employers, onsite screenings remind them of blood cards and long waits at the lab. But these traditional screening methods are a thing of the past. Reperio offers a modern experience that delivers results on the spot, whether an employee is at home or on site. This is important because providing immediate results enables employees to identify next steps at the moment they are most engaged and build healthy momentum.

4. What is the biometric screening partner’s Quantity Not Sufficient (QNS) rate?

Quantity Not Sufficient, or QNS, is the result of not having a sufficient quantity (volume) of blood to complete a lipid and glucose panel. The industry standard is around 13%, but this rate varies for every biometric screening partner. It’s important to ask about QNS rates because when QNS issues arise, employees are often asked to repeat the screening, which both prolongs the screening experience and provides an additional barrier to participation for your remote team.

5. How much time and effort will this biometric screening process take for me?

Selecting a biometric screening service and onboarding employees takes a lot of work. At Reperio, we know that HR managers already have a lot on their plate. That’s why we do the heavy-lifting and make screenings a one-stop experience for HR teams. Our screening experience includes everything from supplying onsite practitioners, managing employee communications, and offering 24/7 screening support. When choosing a partner, it’s important to evaluate how much time and effort is expected from you. 

Organizations who are equipped to meet the diverse needs of their hybrid teams will reap the benefits of high engagement and satisfaction. Read about how one company used at-home screenings to increase Wellness Program participation with their remote team, for example. 

To learn more about how Reperio can support your hybrid team, request a demo with one of our screening consultants. 

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