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Reperio Health Partners with Health Designs to Offer Employers At-Home Biometric Screening Tools

Reperio Health

PORTLAND, ORE.,—APRIL 6, 2022 —Reperio Health, a manufacturer of at-home health assessment screening tools that offer comprehensive, immediate and actionable results, today announced a new partnership with Health Designs, a provider of employer wellness programs designed to address workforces’ complete well-being needs.

The new partnership will provide Health Designs clients—a diverse group of employers in every major sector of the economy—with access to Reperio’s convenient, at-home biometric screening solution that can be used anytime, anywhere. The patent-pending screening kit includes FDA-cleared medical devices that enable consumers to collect data to help determine risk for multiple preventable chronic conditions by measuring BMI, cholesterol (HDL and LDL), blood pressure, resting heart rate, blood sugar levels and more from the comfort of their home.

“Digital tools and solutions like Reperio’s will help employers across the country reach their entire workforce and meaningfully engage them in their well-being programs,” says Christopher Margolin, CEO of Health Designs. “Americans are busier than ever, and the pandemic has highlighted participants’ need for convenience—especially when it comes to well-being. Reperio’s home health-screening kit and digital app empowers participants to take charge of their own health and well-being on their own terms, to help prevent diseases like diabetes and heart disease.”

Health metrics derived from Reperio’s kit can help employers and other stakeholders gain comprehensive insight into the overall health and well-being of their organization’s population and proactively mitigate chronic diseases like heart disease. According to the CDC, more than 877,000 Americans die of heart disease or stroke every year—costing our healthcare system $216 billion per year and causing an estimated $147 billion for the economy in lost productivity.

“The American workforce has a lot on their minds, and so often preventive care and health maintenance are deprioritized in favor of more pressing responsibilities,” says Travis Rush, CEO and cofounder of Reperio. “Health screenings are so important in preventing and managing chronic disease, and when 60% of the adult population is dealing with at least one chronic disease—getting routinely screened is vital to keeping the US workforce healthy.”​

About Health Designs

Founded in 1995, Health Designs pioneered many of the processes now considered the gold standard in the workplace wellness industry. The company’s award-winning team puts its proprietary strategies and programs to work for diverse employers in every major sector of the economy. Health Designs works with hundreds of companies nationwide and tens of thousands of employees every year—delivering health and wellness programs to change lives and transform companies into healthier, happier workplaces. For more information, visit www.healthdesigns.net

About Reperio Health

Reperio is the only at-home health assessment that provides comprehensive results immediately. The company’s patent-pending health kit enables employees and private individuals to perform biometric screenings at their convenience while in the comfort of their own home with 24/7 live support. For more information, visit www.reperiohealth.com.

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