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Why at-home screenings can — and should — be part of your organization’s wellness strategy

August 18, 2022

Preventive care helps us avoid serious chronic diseases like diabetes – yet more and more consumers are skipping routine wellness visits. A recent study by SingleCare reported that 91% of respondents believe that preventive care is important, yet 24% did not receive any preventive care in 2021 and 25% of respondents have not visited their primary care provider in the past year. 

One of the biggest reasons for this? Lack of convenience. The workforce is busier than ever—juggling responsibilities at work and in their personal lives—health and regular wellness check-ups are things that tend to get put on the backburner. And over the last few years as mobile applications become more intuitive – making it easier for us to shop, bank and do business on the go – the prospect of taking a few hours off work to see the doctor (especially when we’re not sick) seems more and more unreasonable.  

For these reasons and so many others, it’s a missed opportunity if employers don’t consider at-home screening solutions integral to their organization’s wellness strategy. At-home health screening kits are a timely and cost-effective method to engaging workers in preventative care, making it easy for individuals to measure vital signs, and receive instant results, plus personalized recommendations for lifestyle changes and follow-up care. Reperio’s comprehensive at-home screening kit, for example, meets patients where they are so they can undergo a screening when it is convenient for them.

At-home health screening kits like Reperio’s make it easy for individuals to measure vital signs and receive instant results, plus personalized recommendations for lifestyle changes and follow-up care.  

Over the last few years, health plans and private organizations have seen growing interest in home-screening kits among remote, office-based and field-based workers. In fact, a May 2022 Reperio Health survey of consumers ages 30-60 revealed that 28.8% would prefer a free, at-home biometric screening over one at a doctor’s office. 

Screening type Time spend booking an appointment Screening available directly or through employer partners Screening can be done in 30 minutes or less Screens for 8+ metrics in one single screening (weight, height, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, lipids, blood glucose) Screens blood for cholesterol, lipids, blood glucose Instant results, sent directly to a mobile device Interpretation of lab results
In-person screenings (Doctor’s Office or Lab) Yes Yes No No Yes No No – follow-up appointments required
Generic At-Home Screenings No – labs can be done at home Sometimes Yes No Yes No Sometimes
Reperio At-Home Screenings No – labs can be done at home Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Want more information about how Reperio’s at-home health screening kit can improve employee health engagement and reduce overall health costs? Contact Reperio Health: https://www.reperiohealth.com/contact

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