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Employers: Think you can’t combat rising healthcare costs – think again

November 10, 2023

The headlines repeat the message over and over: health insurance costs are at an all-time high. 

With these trends, employers see health insurance renewal rates of around 20% on average. What can employers do about these rate increases? They needn’t just grin and bear it.

Employers have the opportunity — more pressing now than ever before — to support employees' health and wellness in new and innovative ways. For example, peripheral benefits can support whole-person wellness. Flexible hours and hybrid work schedules are benefits that are currently highly valued by employees, as they often make room for employees to spend more time with their families, and improve mental health.

Biometric screening services are another tool in the toolkit for employers to combat rising healthcare costs. For employers, aggregated biometric screening data about your workforce can be used to negotiate lower rates. Biometric screening participation shows reduced average annual claims cost greater than $1,000 per employee compared to those who did not participate.

For employees themselves, biometric screenings offer a view into overall wellness that can shine a light on unknown health risks. With 40% of individuals delaying or avoiding preventive health services, it is estimated that almost 4 in 10 adults have prediabetes and 1 in 2 adults will have some form of cardiovascular disease during their lifetime. These preventable conditions can lead to catastrophic health claims that result in the highest costs employers bear today.

At Reperio Health, we support employers to reduce their health care costs and empower employees to know where they stand on key health indicators all from the convenience of their home. We offer at-home and onsite solutions that provide immediate — and comprehensive — results, giving individuals easier access to their health data and more control over their lives.  

You are invited to try our at-home biometric screening kit, create your account here and we’ll ship one out for your organization to try for free. See what convenience, early detection, and health trends can do for your team.

Employee wellness starts here.

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