US Wellness Partners with Reperio Health to Offer Employers Real-time At-Home Biometric Screening Technology

Reperio Health

PORTLAND, ORE., and GERMANTOWN, MD — March 22, 2022 —US Wellness, a provider of personalized wellness programs for employers and consumers, today announced a new partnership with Reperio Health, a manufacturer of at-home health assessment screening tools that offers comprehensive, immediate, actionable results.  

Under the new partnership, US Wellness clients, including small, mid-size and large employers, will have access to a convenient, at-home biometric screening solution that can be used anytime, anywhere. Reperio’s state-of-the-art, FDA cleared testing kit enables consumers to gauge their risk for multiple preventable chronic conditions by making it easy to measure BMI, cholesterol (HDL and LDL), blood pressure, resting heart rate, blood-sugar levels and more from the comfort of their home.  

These health metrics can offer employers, health plans and other stakeholders early insights into major health changes, and help to proactively mitigate chronic disease, which accounts for as much as 90% of $3.8 trillion in annual healthcare costs in the U.S., according to the CDC.  

“Having digital tools and solutions like Reperio’s at-home test kit is helping employers engage with their employees about health and disease prevention,” says Tori Tomlinson, CEO and Founder of US Wellness. “The pandemic has amplified the need for innovation, and the demand for convenience among consumers. Reperio’s test kit is beautifully packaged and easy to use, and perfect for so many Americans who are working remotely and don’t always have time to engage in their healthcare or undergo preventive screenings.”  

Travis Rush, CEO and cofounder of Reperio, said the partnership with US Wellness underscores the value of convenient, home-based health solutions in the marketplace: “American workers are busier than ever, more stressed out than ever, and are struggling with preventive care and health maintenance. Our home health-testing kit and accompanying digital app empowers consumers to take charge of their own health and potentially prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease and other underlying health conditions–all without having to leave their home.”

About US Wellness

US Wellness offers comprehensive wellness services, including program design, incentive management, biometric health screening and outcomes-based program compliance. For nearly 25 years, US Wellness has been a leader in the evolving wellness marketplace, helping clients stay ahead of the trends. US Wellness specializes in wellness programs involving biometric screening, incentive management and outcomes-based program compliance. Our service is backed by our technology, including a full-service health portal, wellness APP and electronic data capture at biometric screening events. For more information, visit

About Reperio Health

Reperio is the only at-home health assessment that provides comprehensive results immediately. The company’s patent-pending at-home health assessment enables employees and private individuals to perform biometric screenings at their convenience while in the comfort of their own home with 24/7 live support.

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