Ultimate flexibility for your wellness program

Help your employees discover their path to better health. 


your employees

The Reperio Health solution

The Reperio kit of FDA-approved sensors pairs with our smartphone app, enabling employees to complete a comprehensive health screening in under an hour in the location of their choice.


Ships directly to your employees' homes so they can complete the screening when it's best for them. Just schedule a UPS pickup through the app to return the kit!

On your time

Adapting to employees' preferences also boosts participation rates. The added bonus is no time off work, scheduling, appointments or transportation required.

Gaps in care

Understand the portion of your population that may be at risk for gaps in care so your team can develop a plan of action.

Follow up exams

Leverage follow up screenings to establish solid trends. Data can drive wellness incentive programs or quantify improvements in population health.

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The New Normal

Flexible work was a perk, post-pandemic it is an expectation.

Wellbeing programs are essential to the health of employees.

Audit workforce data to evaluate success of health and wellness programs.

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Reperio provides health screening for the intent of wellness monitoring and informational use. Reperio's health screening is not intended for use in diagnosing diseases or conditions. This test or related information does not constitute medical advice, is not a substitute for visits to a healthcare professional, and should not be used to determine any new or modified treatments or medical interventions. You should consult with a healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns about your results or your current state of health.

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